ChaiOne Insights: supply chain management

What is Cost of Transportation to Supply Chain Management?

6 minutes read


There is a lot of information available on supply chain costs, its cost elements, and ways to save costs. We are not going to reiterate what has already been said but will focus comments on the cost of transportation as it is one of the largest components of supply chain management. A recent peer-review survey concluded that transportation spend can be as high as 10% for some companies. The same survey also concluded that more and more companies are realizing this as an important focus...

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Big Data in Manufacturing: How Digital Transformation Weaponizes the Supply Chain

5 minutes read

Change doesn’t disrupt the system. It’s part of the system.”-- Susan Berfield and Manuel Baigorri describing Zara’s supply chain innovation in “Zara’s Fast Fashion Edge

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The Digital Oilfield of the Future Will Cause Serious ROI for the Downstream Industry

4 minutes read

A shaky recovery is building pressure on oil and gas companies to continue to streamline their operations . Now, many are taking cues from their manufacturing counterparts to make investments in the digital oilfield, and specifically, the supply chain.

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