New CoWorkers: Working From Home with Family



In our current global climate, many of us have been forced to find a new work/life balance that includes more time spent around spouses, kids, and the refrigerator (I see you eating ice cream for breakfast). School has gone virtual, the gyms are closed (bye-bye in-gym child care), and snacks are now vanishing into thin air. Is this life or Lord of the Flies?! Here are some quick tips that'll help you maintain your sanity at your new office.

Embrace Your New Coworkers

Most of our calendars are loaded with video meetings and client interactions, so training your new child coworkers might not seem ideal. However, the #1 thing you can do to survive them is to embrace them!
Incorporating your family, especially children, into your day will slow down snack consumption, provide structure, and make being stuck in the house more fun and creative!

Start by scheduling breaks into your day first before planning other meetings. This could include breakfast, lunch, snacks, fresh air breaks, etc. Also, include times to helicopter your kid’s online assignments.

Open the Doors to Creativity

Keeping your kids preoccupied with fun activities can give you that extra bit of time you need to focus on your work. Below is a list of activities outside of their schoolwork that will keep them engaged and creative:

  1. Lego + YouTube: Open a set of Legos and find a YouTube video that shows you how to build something. This activity can be done with or without supervision. I suggest channels like Lego Access or Just George.
  2. Interactive Coloring and Drawing: Check out sites and for digital coloring and optional pages to print out for a variety of coloring fun!
  3. SnapQuest: Download this app to satisfy the techy in your family. This app hosts a series of photo scavenger hunts that will keep you and/or your family entertained for hours!
  4. Let’s not forget the traditional home activities. Order some bubbles on Amazon or learn to double-dutch on YouTube. Oh! And good ‘ole nap time.

Work/Life is Finally Balanced

Taking advantage of these activities are a sure-fire way to adapt to this new lifestyle. Say hello to productive days and sayonara to chaos.

Written by: Conssiah Simon