There are more than 100 ways in which you can bias users’ responses



Response bias is a general term that refers to the various conditions and factors that can influence users’ responses to surveys or interviews. The bias can be intentional or accidental and can arise from the way individual questions are phrased, the way the questionnaire as a whole is designed, and how the questionnaire is administered. Most importantly, with biased responses, the users’ feedback becomes inaccurate and misleading. This, in turn, can lead to poor design, incorrect decisions about the product roadmap, and, ultimately, a waste of money for your business.

Part of the training our behavioral scientist undergoes includes studying all these cognitive biases and learning how to control them with the right scientific methodologies.

The user researcher team at ChaiOne leverages this knowledge to create the right material for engagements with the users, minimize the risks of collecting unreliable data and ensure that the right decisions are made to always provide value to the end-user and the business.

Written by: Silvia Convento